Apart from our own media, our service coverage also extend to many external media.
*Other external media besides the following are also available. Please feel free to inquire.

Free App A Day

Free App A Day has attracted strong support in North America as an iOS app discovery medium, funneling a total 9 million downloads to its featured apps.
Free App A Day boasts the largest scale in the industry. Free App A Day places standards for the number of ranking stars an app must have in order to be featured, and is built to ensure high quality apps are posted. As a result, the site receives a great amount of attention from users. Free App A Day is also closely watched by other app discovery media.


Main Feature Slot

When launching an application on North America, many developers make this feature central to their boost campaign plans. The Main Feature slot refers to the center of Free App A Day’s "Today's Free App" section, and is a service that provides developers with a single of these slots, which receive a great deal of attention from users, for a single day.

* Posting Conditions: The Main Feature Slot is limited to new, free applications released on the North American App Store within the past 24 hours.

Daily Double Slot

Like the Main Feature Slot, this service is frequently used by a large number of developers. The Daily Double Slot allows developers to post multiple times within a specified period of time, making it ideal for a second boost campaign.

* This service is limited to 4 frames per day.



Main Serving Country North America
* Delivery cannot be segmented by other regions.
* The medium is most often accessed by North American users, but also reaches users outside of North America as well.

Mobpartner Network

Mobpartner is the largest mobile affiliate network in the world, with 100,000 media participating as of August 2012.

* With Mobpartner, one can reach about 150 million smartphone users around the world, every month.
GREE Ads Trading Desk



Delivery Destination Delivered in non-incentives Ads network to global
Delivery Country USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, Australia and others
Charging Menu CPI
Target Device Smartphone
OS Android / iOS

*Optimal plans differ according to what countries are targeted. We build these plans based on the posting period, target countries, goals and budget of our customers.