GREE Ads DSP is delivery service with Automatic Ad Impact Optimization, Delivery Retargeting and Real Time Bidding.

With GREE Ads DSP, advertisers can reach media that match their promotions with the best prices.


Automatic Ad Impact Optimization

This function anticipates advertising impact per impression, and optimizes by bidding for ads at prices that match the advertiser's CPA.

Delivery Retargeting

This service delivers ads again to users that have visited advertisers' web pages.

RTB (Real Time Bidding)

Advertisers bid for ad inventory every whenever ads impression occur, allowing ads to be delivered to targeted users.

Audience Targeted Delivery

This service delivers ads to specified user segments.

Other Features

With our main functions, you can deliver ads that effectively match your budget and goals.

  • - Manage frequency caps
  • - Bid in-line with your budget and goals
  • - Manage your daily budget



Delivery Destination AdLantis Network web pages
Delivery Country Japan
Charging Menu CPC
Target Device Smartphone
OS Android / iOS