Centered on the social gaming platform GREE, GREE Ads Reward is one of Japan's largest incentivized advertising networks.

Advertisers place incentivized app and web ads to publishers on our network, and are charged only for successful installations and registrations obtained from those ads.

Publishers monetize and increase user engagement by hosting ads for GREE-enabled games, as well as a number for apps owned by external advertisers.


Large Ad Inventories

We offer a large inventory of ads for GREE-enabled games to publishers in Japan.

Largest Ad Network in Japan

Centered on GREE Platform, we are the largest domestic media network in Japan. Our services support over 1800 games produced by top developers, and several prominent point media as well.

Full Support Services

In order to support publishers' monetization, we offer a dashboard that provides reports real time and notifies all publishers about upcoming campaigns on it.


GREE incentivized ads can be published to both native apps and on the web.